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I started this blog as a way to get some of the resources I have been working on out to people who e-mail me at odd times: “do you remember that workshop you gave at that conference a few years ago…” maybe, but can I find the file where I saved the handout? You get the idea. Anyway, no promises about whether I will or won’t update this often or respond to comments or questions often. You who know me know I am a sucker for a good beginning farmer or rancher plea for help, you who don’t will have to test my limits.

I set up pages for major subjects and just uploaded the handouts I have developed over the years. I hope to add more as time goes by.

The subject pages are:

  • Basic Bookkeeping and Other (I just added a new annotated chart of accounts – PD 04/03/13)
  • Cash Flow Budgeting and Debt Management (Finally updated!! Excel file is now downloadable. PD 2/25/17)
  • Introduction to Taxes (I just added a new PowerPoint with an overview of farm taxes. PD 04/03/13)
  • Not Making a Profit is the Easy Part! (for not for profit corporations that farm)

Towards a just and sustainable food system!


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